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How many times have you come into an advisory group full of enthusiasm and ideas, only to see it wither within a few sessions? Or the mission changes and you are suddenly wondering: “Why bother?” We know we’ve felt that way. We kept all our war stories in mind when we recently created and now moderate an Editorial Advisory Board for a client with a global presence. In this case, they are helping guide content...

5 Steps to Creating Advisory Boards that Work

With Twirling Tiger Media’s recent status as a certified Women’s Business Enterprise awarded by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), and my pass to last Friday’s Women’s Business Leaders Conference in Framingham, MA, I set off to meet my ‘sisters.’ I have attended many conferences as a professional, but to my surprise, this one was truly different. I was surrounded by women of all ages—individuals that have not only found their seat at the...

A Conference Call for Women in Business Leadership

September 2014

Welcome to Tiger Tales

Last fall two working mothers with ample experience in their respective fields decided to pool their talents and go into business together. Thus, on September 24, 2013, Twirling Tiger Press, Inc. was officially born. Someday Maureen’s home will be featured in one of those commercials about the humble origins of big-league startups. For now, we’re satisfied to just have made it to screen. This blog is one way for us to communicate with our family, friends,...

Welcome to Tiger Tales