…You’re a Content Provider?

November 2015

custom content

Graphic by Maureen Joyce

When stating that Twirling Tiger Press is a “content provider” to anyone outside of the publishing and marketing industries, I’m often faced with a blank stare. I immediately explain that we provide the words, imagery and design for companies that want to engage their audiences—whether to retain their current customers or attract new ones. This is what we mean by custom content. The end result of the content services and products we provide takes the form of publications, web content, social media and more. It’s content that’s at the core of engagement, and that’s what we provide. Our infographic illustrates the major categories directly fueled by content.

Data shows that 48 percent of B2C organizations publish new content on a daily rate or multiple times per week*, so companies realize content needs to be high-quality (or fierce, as Twirling Tiger likes to say) in order to stand out and deeply engage audiences. Creating a content strategy that offers consistency in theme and delivery of custom content helps support successful communication goals.

Today’s savvy buyers are seeking gobs of information on products and services that can help them make better decisions. To feed the buyer’s hunger for content, 88 percent of B2B companies are using content marketing** in order to distinguish their brand, products and services. The most valuable information is quality custom content that’s creative, rife with imagery, well-written, relevant, expresses thought leadership and solves a customer’s problem.

Here’s how companies create a dialogue with their audience through custom content providers:
• Articles
• Blogs
• eBooks
• Case Studies
• Educational Videos
• eNewsletters
• Leadership Guides
• Infographics
• Inspirational Quotes
• Press Releases
• Publications
• Social Media
• Sponsored Content
• Success Stories
• White Papers


*2015 B2C Content Marketing: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends — North America