When to Abandon a DIY Project and Seek Expert Advice

October 2020

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I’m in the process of selling my home. This is a big project … one that I’ve found should be started six to 12 months in advance of staking a “For Sale” sign in the front lawn—especially if you’ve been in your home for decades like me.  

Early on in the readying process, I thought I could save money by selling my property without using a professional real estate agent. I researched the pros and cons of a “For Sale By Owner” listing, which gave me a modicum of confidence. As the time to list my home for sale neared, I was quickly overwhelmed by the knowledge base I lacked and the time I would need to devote to the project that would, ultimately, lead to a successful sale. 

I needed someone fluent in all-things-real-estate, an expert to guide me through the process from A to Z, and that was Realtor Francine Jeffers. 

Choose to Be Guided by Experts

Some jobs require pulling tons of information and people together to arrive at an elegant solution. You can’t do that without talent, experience, passion and established professional relationships. 

The parallels to what our expertise and process at Twirling Tiger Media does for clients—producing award-winning content by strategizing, writing, editing, designing and creating imagery—was striking to what Francine and her real estate agency’s expertise and process could do for me in the sale of my home. 

Home Run Strategies

Much like how content marketers would approach a new client, my Realtor started at ground zero to determine what needed to change to garner the best return on any investments I would make to improve the profile of my home. The home required structural work (new windows), and cosmetic work (new kitchen cabinets and interior painting). 

Whether the topic is residential real estate or a company’s brand marketing, “deferred maintenance” describes those projects you’ve put off often due to lack of time, talent and budget. Listening to an expert’s advice with an open mind to change course in order to attract the right buyer at the right price point is needed. 

The investment and work to revamp my home provided stunning results, and it was time for the next phase.

On the Same Page

With a more structurally sound and gussied-up home to put on the market, I handed over the reins to Francine and she coordinated all of the next steps. Similar to a content marketing strategy, my Realtor worked with me to identify the home’s unique attributes, set the price and staged the home to appeal to the target market. Francine established the buyer persona, created the content and determined the distribution channels, set schedules, ensured quality and fostered relationships with strategic partners—all to attract, engage and acquire a buyer.

Core Strength

Can you sell your home on your own? Yes. Can you create content marketing on your own? Yes. The inexperienced DIYers may possess the passion, however, the talent may be lackluster, the learning curve is steep, the pitfalls from insufficient experience are many, and the robust professional relationships and resources are not likely established. 

Whether you are entrusting a team to sell your home, or to create compelling content marketing to promote your business, it’s best to use the services of seasoned professionals whose core competencies will serve you. They should follow a proven process and/or workflow, inspire excellence, creativity and integrity—all to meet your objectives.

The good news on the home front is that I have accepted an offer.

Thank you for reading this.

—Maureen Joyce