The Problems with Content Marketing

December 2020

Female office worker with too many tasks to take at the same time.

Image: Getty Images

The pandemic forced B2B content marketing campaigns to pivot as technology trends accelerated and public health orders altered both corporate practices and consumer habits. Those problems with content marketing will continue into 2021.

Other issues, though, existed long before COVID-19 came on the scene. Projects have long gone off the rails, and clients have resisted good advice for probably as long as it’s been given. It can throw off our creative mojo and ABM goals when we’re initially confronted with an upset subject matter expert or a proffered image that makes no sense. That’s why we at Twirling Tiger Media earlier this fall launched a new visual series “What Would You Do?” that tackles challenges commonly faced in the creative content industry.

Our tenured leadership at Twirling Tiger is well familiar with these management and interpersonal communications concerns because we’ve experienced them and developed best practices for resolving them. This new series is designed to help you recover quickly from an obstacle and forge a stronger, rather than fragile, bond with clients.

The presentation format allows anyone to quickly digest solutions, whether it’s the current module featured on our home page or an archived one in our always-growing Knowledge Center. In November we featured what to do when a project falls behind schedule. We typically have personalstrategies to get back on track, but what if you aren’t the holdup?

Coming up in the months ahead we’ll give practical, tried-and-true advice for what to do when:

    • You’ve come to creative loggerheads
    • A client resists good advice
    • That suggested (even demanded) image doesn’t make sense
    • A subject matter expert is upset with your work
    • No one opened your newsletter
  • You don’t fit in anymore with a company’s culture
  • You just can’t concentrate

Creatives encounter each of these at some point. It’s how we handle them that determines our longevity with a company, a client and even a career. By proactively taking steps to reduce damaging experiences and to quickly respond when they surface, you and your organization can build a solid reputation, as we do, for excellence, integrity, creativity and reliability.

Here’s to a safe holiday season and prosperous year ahead.

Anne Saita