Springing Into Action

April 2016

TwirlingTiger_Name_Change_FB_aTransformation is the universal theme in springtime. The sharp contrast of seasons is particularly evident in New England as winter’s remaining crispy brown leaves and brush are replaced with lush growth. Neighbors begin to emerge from their cozy indoor havens to share the warmer temperatures and conversation, and help one another by removing winter’s fallen trees (thank you, Jeff). And each year, I pray to the gods-of-all-things-green for the return of my landscaper of many years, Doug, to contain the growth that’s happening in my massive yard…and he did!

An almost unknown force fueled by this season seems to call us to refresh aspects of our homes, lifestyle and jobs as we unload our excesses and organize what’s left behind. Twirling Tiger Media is no exception to this freshening up process. Yes, that’s correct, faithful followers…we’ve changed our name to Twirling Tiger Media to better reflect our core capabilities as content creators in science, technology and healthcare IT. There will be no more explaining that we are “Press” as in journalists. We continue to offer our same high-quality services by creating publications, white papers, case studies, blogs, media relations and much more.

In addition to our new moniker, our website has undergone a spring cleaning. While still maintaining the Twirling Tiger branding we established at the onset of our business, the site is now better organized with clarity in messaging and easy navigation. It has lots of new features to tantalize our prospects. In addition to our name change, here’s five new features:

1. More portfolio samples. Each sample gives you insight into the creative process as we describe the objective of the assignment as you view the solution.

2. FAQ section. A sales and service wish come true and a place where user’s can find solutions quickly.

3. Proven Process infographic. We implemented this reliable workflow since the birth of Twirling Tiger and now we have a platform to share it with our clients and prospects.

4. Capabilities list. Our custom content and content marketing capabilities appear prominently on our Home page and their benefits are further described under “Services.”

5. We’ve peppered our redesigned site with comments from our wonderful clients.

Let us know what you think!