Redefining + Redesigning a Logo for InfoSecurity Professional Magazine

October 2014

logo compareThe world of information security and the people that dedicate their careers to this industry could hardly be considered static. This industry is dynamic as it cuts a path to tomorrow well before the rest of us have arrived.

To keep pace with a sense of “tomorrow,” we needed to redefine the purpose of the InfoSecurity Professional logo. When designing a logo, it’s crucial to truly understand the client’s objectives as this will guide your choices, such as being certain to accentuate the more important elements, create the correct hierarchy, convey the right tone and avoid veering off toward trendy solutions.

As you can see, the previous logo strongly accentuated ‘Info’ by placing it in a bold-colored box. The word ‘Security’ had great visual affect as well, but the word ‘Professional’ was secondary. Overall, the logo was looking constrained and fatigued.

This magazine’s focus is on the professional development for those in the information security industry. With that knowledge, we redefined the visual hierarchy of the title. The redesigned logo accentuates the publication’s mission by prominently highlighting the word ‘Professional.’ The word ‘InfoSecurity’ is substantially smaller, but the boldness of the font creates a balance. The use of a rule, which is the thickness of the top word, creates a subliminal highlight on ‘Pro.’ The presentation and font used looks to the future with clarity, authority and confidence.

The new logo creates a contemporary brand that the audience can align themselves with and offers a positive experience.