Reconnecting With the Purpose of Your Work

April 2021

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Maybe you forgot the very purpose of the work you do or the business you run because of complacency. Perhaps these pandemic times have not only disrupted your work, but have revealed that your purpose has evolved and you simply need to acknowledge its reshaped existence and make new plans in support of it. No matter the doldrums, distractions, or discoveries, demands of customers change and so should you … if you are able.

My business partner and I have revisited Twirling Tiger Media’s “core focus” during quarterly meetings since the company’s inception almost eight years ago. A core focus evaluation requires us to validate our very existence as a company, and as the years have passed, we have tweaked our focus by aligning the needs of our clients and the strengths of our skills. 

To help you better understand how to establish your company’s core focus, here is an example of Twirling Tiger Media’s core focus: 

  1. Purpose/Cause/Passion: Content creation services.
  2. Our niche: Twirling Tiger Media creates powerful content and imagery that draw people to your brand.
  3. How we do it: We strategize, write, edit and design.

To arrive at your core focus, you may need to drill down to answer these five common key questions (below). It takes honesty, but you should be able to respond in about five minutes.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you like to do?
  3. Who do you do it for?
  4. What does your customer want or need?
  5. How has your work changed the life of your customer?

Being happy with the work you do is also an important factor because your job satisfaction impacts your life satisfaction. Through life’s inevitable ups and downs, I hope you find some joy in the work you do.

Thank you for reading this.

—Maureen Joyce