Recommended: The Ingredients to a Great Cake Career

September 2018

woman holding cake

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We all want to be better in our chosen careers, right? One of the places where I frequently find motivation and inspiration is in a handful of competitive television shows that bring out the creative in me. And one that I’m currently binging on is the start of this month’s recommendations.

[watch] The Great British Baking Show. Season 5 is now on Netflix, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been a fan of this competitive cooking show since it hit my PBS station several years ago. It’s much like all the other competitive reality TV programs, and yet it’s not. Known in Britain as The Great British Bake Off, amateur bakers complete three challenges—two they’ve practiced for and one they haven’t—to stay in the game and maybe even be named the week’s Star Baker. Technique and taste are judged in equal measure—much like the creative content we produce here at Twirling Tiger.

[read] Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression—And the Unexpected Solutions by Johann Hari. My book reading slowed significantly this year, so I didn’t start this non-fiction book until a few weeks ago and haven’t quite finished it. Still, for me, this is one of those rare books that force you to think differently about a subject. In this case, it’s depression and anxiety, which touches everyone either directly or circumstantially. I plan to dive deeper into the subject in our September newsletter, Reword(free subscription required). For now, just know it is worth the time to read the author’s argument for what doesn’t work (and why), and what likely does. It helps that Hari speaks from personal experience and writes at a highly accessible level.

[listen] My Favorite Songs from the Summer. Earlier I wrote about what might become the summer song of 2018. I don’t listen to enough pop/Top 40 music to accurately predict that one song everyone will instantly recognize. I do, however, have a few songs from my favorite genre—alternative—to recommend if you like that kind of music. First is Portugal. The Man’s “Tidal Wave,” which keeps getting stuck in my head since I first heard it on the radio in July. I’m also a big fan of Dispatch’s “Midnight Lorry” that I jokingly call a “Bend song” because I always heard it on drives to or from that Oregon city over the summer. Lastly, even though it came out last winter, I can tell my favorite song of the year is going to be Broken” by Lovelytheband. Still not sick of it, and I still hear it a lot. It was summer in Australia when it debuted, and it was late July when it finally hit the Billboard charts, so I’m counting it as a summer song.

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Anne Saita