How Publications Build Community within an Organization

September 2016


Professional organizations can feel similarly. We join them for a specific reason, such as to expand our networks and to gain an edge in our careers. Our bond to the organization and other members is usually loose, so it’s up to the leadership to provide  resources that serve a need and simultaneously bond a group.

One of our first clients, (ISC)2, has a fast-growing, global membership of 115,000. Trying to bond security professionals from 135 countries is a gargantuan task. But we believed their membership magazine and companion e-newsletter could help forge stronger ties when we were chosen to produce both.

We redesigned the look, expanded the number of reading platforms and slowly pulled in more member contributions, thereby providing a popular outlet for member-to-member information sharing while keeping everyone informed of new benefits that bring greater value to their membership.

Both members and (ISC)2 leadership appear to like the results. In the most recent membership survey, the magazine was listed (again) as the No. 1 asset in the organization’s portfolio of offerings. That ranking was supported by 19 pages of member comments – the vast majority of them positive. We also earned two national magazine awards – a first for the organization.

That’s why we just published a case study on what steps we took in the past three years to make InfoSecurity Professional and Insights feel more member-centric. It was a bit of a shift from our predecessor, but we’re grateful that company provided the foundation upon which we’ve built an award-winning magazine. Read how we did it.