Park Yourself Here: What to Read, Listen to and Watch

August 2018

I still recall that long weekend in San Francisco when the parking gods smiled down on me. With one exception, great, free, relatively spacious spots (for easier parallel parking) materialized right when I needed them. An empty parking space appeared in front of our Noe Valley AirBnB on an 8% graded hill; then upon visiting Golden Gate Park on a busy weekend; and later, across from my daughter’s apartment in the crowded Richmond District. Even at 10 a.m. on a Monday in the heart of downtown, an SUV pulled out just as I pulled up in my car.

Finding the perfect parking spot immediately improves your day. Not finding any parking kills that mood. Which is why this month’s recommendations kick off with a great podcast episode revolving around parking.

[listen] For the love of the perfect parking space. Jason Alexander of “Seinfeld” fame narrates this essay on finding the right parking spot in Chinatown for the podcast Modern Love. It will resonate with anyone who lives or works or vacations in compact urban areas where parking—especially free parking—is a premium. Or for anyone who’s questioned a date based on someone’s driving habits.

[watch] The font of all movie posters. Font selection is important to graphic design and content marketing. Each typography choice conveys both subtle and blatant impressions of a brand and its goods or services. That goes for the tone and plotlines conveyed through movie posters and trailers. The Vox by Design series recently outlined the preferred fonts for film previews. Can you guess the No. 1 font used for movie posters? (I couldn’t.)

[read] Leaders in the fake news frontier. We’re bombarded now by both real and false allegations of fake news. We’re also now aware that bad news travels faster. That makes this fascinating case study about the rise and fall of a French pharmaceutical company and its charismatic CEOs well worth the read.

Thanks for reading this,

Anne Saita