A New Mindset to Gain on Your Goals

January 2015

goals2One of my New Year’s resolutions was derailed before it ever had a chance to get on track. The week before the start of a 12-week half marathon training schedule, I fell and broke my hand. This meant I couldn’t run as planned, nor cross-train with any exercise equipment requiring a two-handed grip.

Work also took a hard hit. The funky configuration of my cumbersome hard cast meant I could only type with one hand, which is a huge setback for someone who types for a living. But I managed to stay on top of my workload and eventually meet my mileage requirements.

I did so because of my broader goal for the year: keep up the pace on each and every project I do.

I got the idea from a fellow San Diegan entrepreneur who analyzed her biggest success stories and realized what they all had one thing in common: sustained momentum. From concept to creation, she and her team made sure goals were realistic, deadlines were met and disruptions were minimized. This is difficult to do, especially if you must rely on other people.

For me, I am giving more thought to plans I commit to, which means saying no more often. This also means not only creating a schedule, but sticking to it. I do the work, whether I’m in the mood or not. Every Friday I see how I did and reward myself in a small way (like reading or watching TV with a bubbly beverage in hand).

So my advice to all of you who already are losing momentum: find out what is causing the slowdown. Is it someone with unrealistic expectations of your time? Or is it you spreading yourself too thin, week in and week out? Has your life changed but your goals haven’t?

We humans have a tendency to see our lives, and days, as more elastic than they are. Make this the year you don’t let people and procrastination break your stride.