Images Can Create Curb Appeal for Your Content

July 2016

When a prospective buyer drives up to a house that’s for sale, they make a split-second decision on whether or not they’re attracted to it. It’s called “curb appeal” and it’s that first impression which determines if the buyer gets out of the car and tours the property or keeps on driving to the next one. This is the same first impression that employers make about job candidates and your prospects and customers make about your content.

Engaging content is so much more than good copy. Sure, the copy is the quality of the construction, the size of the rooms and the number of closets, but it’s the graphic images that make or break the presentation and determine whether the reader takes the tour of your content or moves on to something else. And that decision is made in a split-second.

The global culture is well immersed in the creation and sharing of visual content due to technology. It’s how we relate to one another, and the data is proving the effectiveness and insatiable need for visuals. On average, total views increased by 94 percent if a published article contained a relevant photograph or infographic when compared to articles without an image in the same category according to a study conducted by Skyword.

This is why it’s so critical to think of your content in terms of its visual impact in addition to the written message. Developing content with a consistent visual style also enables your company to create a cohesive brand image that reminds the reader with whom they’re developing a relationship all the way through their purchasing journey.

Using stock images reflects poorly on your company’s brand because they lack authenticity. Original graphics and photography reinforce the innovation and high value of your technology and what makes your company special and relatable. Your content provides you with the opportunity to communicate that the reader is an individual with specific challenges that your company can address.

Recently, I received a promotional email with a comprehensive list of content writing services. If your organization depends on outside help producing content or are thinking of partnering with one, there is an important question that you should ask: Can they team their writers with graphics professionals who painstakingly create and pair the visuals with the copy to assure the overall project—words and images—engage the reader and reinforce the message?

Whether your company produces its own content or works with a partner to develop customer relationships and promote the company’s brand, products and services, remember the written word and the visuals must come together to create optimum impact of your content program.

—Bob Ostrow

Bob Ostrow was a former business development director for Twirling Tiger Media and a former publisher of industry leading technology media brands with scores of editorial and design awards to their credit.