Highflying Creativity

March 2018

Maureen getting ready to “fly” a Harris’s hawk named Rua.


Stinkbugs Made Memorable

Pulitzer Prize-winning staff writer at The New Yorker, Kathryn Schulz, guides you with ease through her almost 7,000-word article on our country’s recent infiltration of the brown marmorated stinkbug. What first attracted me to this article was my own battle last year with these slow-moving and smelly intruders. What engaged me was how Schulz peppered her article with content that relies less on facts and figures, but more on the “sticky” memories she creates for the readers by conveying emotions and visuals through colorful descriptions related to things that happen to the homeowners, farmers and scientists affected by this wave of destructive pests. And Schultz is clever and funny in her storytelling making this off-beat topic entertaining … “Along with cheap yoga pants, mass layoffs, and the recent surge in nationalism, the brown marmorated stinkbug is a product of globalization.”

A principle in effective writing—whether for entertainment or business—is finding and conveying inspiration from your life experiences. This is a tool the writers at Twirling Tiger Media have mastered in order to attract, engage and foster an audience. In the end, I have been nurtured by Schulz’ writing as I plan to read and follow her other published works.

Read or listen to the article: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/03/12/when-twenty-six-thousand-stinkbugs-invade-your-home



Establishing a Bird’s Eye View

As a design-thinking company, Twirling Tiger Media subscribes to nurturing its team’s creativity in multiple ways. As part of our business process, we routinely take clarity breaks by refreshing mind, body, and spirit to recharge our creative reasoning abilities. There are countless articles, documented lifestyles of accomplished creatives, and science backing up the benefits of this practice of detaching from work routines and simply being outdoors.

I recently took a nine-day clarity break in the rugged West Coast of Ireland. Nothing demanded my attention more than when I scaled a slippery pathway stretching from the banks of a lough to access a tiny island. Or when I hopped onto a series of bouncing pontoons tethered to unseen anchors in a waterway, all to reach a lodge once inhabited by my grandfather Dudley Joyce’s likely namesake, Lord Dudley.

An experience that required all of my senses was trying my hand (rather arm) at falconry. You must be fully present to successfully experience a bird of prey swoop down from a tree and land on your gloved fist. “Flying” the hawks and learning about these majestic birds at Ireland’s School of Falconry in the gardens and woodlands surrounding Ashford Castle with our group’s instructor, Danielle, was truly thrilling.

The restorative benefits of being in nature and connecting with its wondrous creatures can free you from work-related concerns, leaving you recharged, refreshed and ready to tackle your business challenges with thoughtful solutions.