Growing a Business Intelligently

August 2015

The typical startup or small business follows a similar story arc.

First someone has an idea they believe can be monetized. People toss those ideas into the universe to see what comes back. If it’s encouragement, they proceed. If it is skepticism, they may proceed anyway, fueled by defiance in addition to determination.

Founders tend to be really good at making a stellar product. Few, though, are equally good at making a sustainable business.

Maureen and I realized as Twirling Tiger Press Inc. began to grow that we had an opportunity to adopt a framework so that our passion and purpose remained aligned with the company, and that we grow intelligently and created a corporate culture that reflected our own personal values.

So this year we invested in the Entrepreneurial Operating System Logo_just_EOS(EOS)  to keep us on the same page and moving forward. The methodology is simple  in design and includes tools we actually use. Victoria Cabot of Cabot Consulting is our EOS implementer.  She spent this summer  introducing EOS concepts, generating a game plan and now tracks our progress in adopting the framework’s principals and practices.

EOS forces us to examine our core focus, establish values and clearly articulate our market differentiators.

With Victoria’s guidance and the EOS process and toolkits, we are better prepared to meet well-conceived, short- and long-term goals. Our clients can be confident we’ll always produce high quality content customized to their businesses because we adhere to a “proven process” workflow—one of many initiatives the EOS requires a company to establish.

They also can be proud to partner with a brand committed to finding new meaning (and value!) in words and images.