Get Inspired from Buckets of Good Advice

November 2018

Receiving advice from accomplished people, whether for personal or business gain, is a way to accelerate your own trajectory toward favorable outcomes. There are many ways to seek out guidance from experts, such as reading success stories, listening to helpful podcasts, crafting a thoughtful request to start a dialogue with a mentor, advisor or sponsor, and attending big and small networking events. 

I find that a consistent resource for a concentration of experts and networking opportunities is at conferences. Attending a “live” event is sometimes like hitting a refresh button—it can help to reenergize your work and offer new solutions to challenges you may be otherwise facing alone. 

In October, I attended the Women Business Leaders Conference (WBLC), which was held in Framingham, MA. The WBLC, produced by the Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE), was a day of inspiring keynote speakers and learning opportunities facilitated by roundtable discussions for women professionals and women business owners (and men). The imparted advice from experts to conference attendees was skillfully peppered with lots of real-life experiences—both good and bad—and it resonated. Here’s a few of the gems from the day.

Thank you for reading this.

—Maureen Joyce