Finding Your Happy Pace

October 2015

2015-10-12 08.51.43_resizedOctober began with my public speaking debut at a security conference. Then I ran a destination half marathon in exactly the time I predicted. This week, I’m heading into a multi-day hike into, along and out of the Grand Canyon.

I’d like to say most months aren’t like this, but in truth they are, just not on as grand a scale.  I stay so busy that I can’t always appreciate the weeks for the opportunities they provide, just how much work and fun I can extract from them.

While keeping my mind off my physical misery in the later miles of last weekend’s foot race, I considered transitions and why they are so hard for some of us.

In business, we need to understand that change is an important part of perpetual prosperity. And timing is everything, whether we are creating or responding to disruptive business models and technologies. No continually successful company does the same thing in the same way as when it launched. And Twirling Tiger Press wants to stay successful.

Innovation is an incredibly overused term, but it’s vital to a company’s long-term sustainability. The hard part isn’t just continued improvement, it’s appropriating enough time for those advances to gain traction. And mindshare.

That goes for us personally too.

For the past 12 weeks I was constricted to a training schedule that I actually enjoyed. Each weekend long run or hard hike empowered me. I predicted I’d finish my race in 2:25—a time goal that 10 years ago, when I was more competitive, would have made me privately wince.

I ended up fighting hard to finish the City to the Sea Half Marathon right on time, and to prove I truly know myself now. Somewhere over the past three months I crossed a threshold from self-delusion to self-awareness. I broke down the barrier between denial and acceptance. I settled into a new stride, one that gets me where I need to go, just maybe not as quickly.

I think I may have finally found my happy pace.