Essentials for Successful Entrepreneurship

August 2017

Taking the leap from your position within an established company to creating your own business can fire up your creativity, drive, knowledge, passion and career.

Let’s assume you’ve carefully examined these key considerations, below, before vaulting over that vast chasm into entrepreneurship.

  • Trading in a predictable schedule at your place of employment for long and erratic work days, nights and frequently weekends.
  • Preparing to take a pay cut for an undetermined period of time.
  • Breaking free of comfortable routines and challenging yourself weekly by learning and implementing critical tasks outside your skill set. (You and your business will need to continually evolve to succeed.)
  • Delivering above-average results consistently to your clients—on time and on budget.

(Try repeating this list while looking in the mirror, and then, in front of your family and friends for a reality check and support.)

You’ve leapt…congratulations! You’re on your way to offering a business solution from which your target customers will reap great benefits. They just don’t know it yet. (Ideally, you should already have some paying clients for your new business and have identified your potential customer base as part of your sales and marketing strategy.)

Whether you plan to create a lifestyle business or a growth business, you need to attract clients in order for your enterprise to succeed. Woo your potential clients by informing, educating and entertaining them. (This is the purpose of content marketing.) Spend a remarkable amount of time honing your business’s reason for existence, and genuinely feel passionate about it.

At Twirling Tiger Media, my business partner and I saw ways to greatly improve the quality of content marketing deliverables, provide superior customer service and offer competitive pricing. We believed that key to a content company’s success would be to offer clients a perfect marriage between writing and graphic design delivered by a highly talented team, including journalists, photographers, illustrators, web developers and more. Our goal was to also address a common problem in corporate communications divisions: bandwidth. We were determined to work with our clients, not just for them—collaborating to inspire excellence, creativity and integrity. Distilling complicated material into language and imagery that resonates with a client’s target market was another company goal. Post-Great Recession, another Twirling Tiger Media mission was to put other creatives to work on meaningful projects as team members in a happy environment. All of this is where our passion lies.

As a successful new business owner, you’ll need to implement these tips to effectively market your organization’s solutions to attract, acquire and engage your target customers to drive profitable action and grow your business:

  • Identify your passion. Be 100% dedicated to your business’s solutions and mission in order to achieve authenticity in your messaging.
  • Articulate your passion. Refine your message by offering prospects the big picture first and then the details. Tell your narrative in a simple way and implement picture superiority by utilizing lots of visual content.
  • Appeal to your prospective customer’s heart first. Are you simply selling widgets or are you creating an environment to advance your employees’ lives? Are you churning out just another gadget or providing end-users a way to implement ease and creativity in their daily life? These are examples of how a company’s purpose and values shine through, allowing them to create an emotional connection with an audience.
  • Identify your rivals and contrast them with your company. Articulate your unique features to differentiate your business. Bigger competition can mean many layers of bureaucracy, less agility and diminished creativity. Smaller challengers to your business can lack proven processes, insurance and bandwidth.
  • What problem do you solve for your prospects and why should they care? Don’t leave prospects guessing about why they should choose your solution over another by selling the benefits of your offerings.
  • Bring numbers to life. Make your data interesting and relatable by engaging your audience in a context that they can understand—via a compelling narrative.

Since the formation of Twirling Tiger Media in 2013, I’ve been stimulated by learning so many new things—most recently diving into an intellectual property strategy for our company. As an entrepreneur, get ready to wear many hats!


P.S. Check out Twirling Tiger Media’s Knowledge Center for our newest guide, How to Create Content Marketing That Brings in Business (…ings-in-business/). It offers tips for optimizing response to your content marketing—from finding your audience to creating your narrative and more.