Do You Have What It Takes to Stick with a Goal?

January 2022

collage of advice columns to help stay on track with goalsThere are a lot of well-intentioned people trying to earnestly be better this year—at working, exercising, eating, budgeting and relaxing. We did a series of graphics-centric content last year that might help you stick with a goal.

These brief-but-potent bits of advice are based on Twirling Tiger Media leaders’ many years of experience in creating content and companies and clients. We’ve seen and done it all, and we want you to avoid the pitfalls we fell into over the years.

You’ll receive proven guidance on what to do:

Each January we’re given another opportunity to fill our year with deadlines we can meet, projects we eagerly produce, and outside activities that fuel our creative selves. We all have goals at work and home that now feel possible. The key to any ambitious goal is to set expectations, realize limits and anticipate challenges, and prioritize resources, especially time. That last element is critical because without enough of it, you’ll always operate in a state of depletion. Don’t let life drain you while others fill their cups.

Happy New Year,