Content Worth Talking About, Or Not

August 2022

Coworkers in an office setting meeting

Photo by Mapbox on Unsplash

The characteristics that make content compelling and sticky on people-oriented social platforms can be a roadmap for the content you generate for your business. Content should be less about techy details and more about how an organization is helping customers and prospects. The messaging should include a company’s value (why it is useful), a company’s values (what it believes in) and equally important, like any impactful digital platform, the human factor (those that work at the company).

Feature the people at the core of the business

We all know that people do business with people they trust. There are scores of stories to tell that showcase the people involved in a company. Whether your deliverable is a company newsletter, brand journalism or a program to recession-proof your enterprise, consider reframing a dry description of a product or service with a focus on how people in an organization:

  • Create solutions to customer or community problems.
  • Find ways to make a difference to customers or the community.
  • Demonstrate steady leadership.
  • Prioritize the safety of customers and employees.
  • Communicate in a transparent and timely manner.

Craft a good story

By nature, people love (and remember) good stories. Anne Saita, editorial director of Twirling Tiger Media, says, “One of the best ways to convey dense or dry data is to open with a quick narrative and then move into the numbers. Those figures will suddenly carry more weight and leave a lasting impression, even if all the reader remembers is the story behind them.”

Let imagery shine

It is 2022, and nothing should post without well-paired imagery. Visual content receives 94% more views than text-only marketing. A study showed that 74% of B2B marketers value and realize how critical creativity, craft and well-executed production are to the success of content marketing.

Not worth talking about

People are fatigued by the pandemic, political division, looming economic woes and much more. As a content marketer during difficult times, gauge consumer sentiments and review comments across channels. Using sensitivity and the right tone, nurture customer relationships through non-promotional and positive content (“We understand and we can help by …”) that provides educational value with every touch.

Mining for fresh approaches in the ideation stage should be a continual practice. Putting the stories of the people at your enterprise center stage may be a good start.

Thank you for reading this.

Maureen Joyce