Closing the Content Marketing Implementation Gap

October 2017

As a marketer, you fully understand that today’s buying process demands more content production in order to feed self-educating purchasers with irresistible narratives throughout the buyer’s journey. You are flush with appealing content ideas that will attract, engage, convert and nurture your target audience. Implementation, however, is another issue.

Audiences want content that provides real value and has emotional appeal. There’s likely wonderful stories to tell about how your team, products or services helped solve problems in your industry or community. Revealing your company’s core values and mission through blog posts, online communities, articles, e-newsletters, e-books and more, enables you to become a trusted resource for your audience.

It seems many marketers, however, are struggling with implementing their content marketing ideas. A recent survey from Zazzle Media found that 79% of marketers believed that the use of content marketing was either very or quite effective. The bad news is that only a low percentage of those surveyed (6%) were definitely sure how to implement content marketing. Here are steps you can take to close this vast gap and be on your way to stronger results.

  • Decide how you’ll use content to grow your business.
  • Establish your core buyer personas and align marketing decisions with your buyers’ expectations.
  • Research target keywords using the voice of your customers.
  • Offer exceptional content that provides real value to your target audience and create a multichannel content mix.
  • Convey all the reasons your products and services help customers.
  • Prove your value to customers.
  • Create multiple content types that reach all job titles—from decision-makers to developers and more.
  • Utilize multiple media channels that meet your target customers’ preferences (websites, e-newsletters, online publications, events).
  • Be present where your community seeks information and run your content … well, everywhere.
  • Leverage third-party websites for promoting your content.
  • Promote your campaigns on social media and use gated content to capture leads.
  • Document your content marketing strategy.
  • Measure your results and modify your content as needed.

Ramp up the results of your marketing efforts by including these tips in your documented strategy and be sure to offer compelling and useful content.