B2B Marketers Value Creativity and Craft

May 2018

Image: Twirling Tiger Media

You’ve toiled alone over countless drafts and crafted the perfect narrative to convey your brand to a clearly defined audience. Your narrative is one that checks off all the boxes to reach the crème de la crème of content creation requirements—it’s focused on addressing your audience’s pain points and it’s positioned to build relationships with them based on trust. Once you hit “publish,” your audience will surely rely on your brand for information and see you as a thought leader, seeking out your expertise. Right?

But hold on … you’re missing something important: the collaboration with those that bring creativity and craft to your content (the mac to your cheese; the jelly to your peanut butter; the Malbec to your aged cheddar; and so on).

Working solo or in a small-sized marketing department (53% of you do, according to a 2018 study), your narrative may have been too influenced by the engineers in your company and their need to add data facts … and then more data facts. The language may be too rigid and not conversational enough to truly resonate with your audience. And you may have overlooked the super powers of the right visuals when paired with copy. It may be time to team up with resources outside of your company to help you find new solutions to difficult problems.

Working with a team of writers, copy editors, designers, photographers, videographers and more will make your output more cohesive and engaging. A creative team is wired with the courage needed to take the visionary risks that may allow you to stand out from the crowd.  

The collaboration with creatives and the enhancements they bring to a project is no longer a nice-to-have option. In 2018, the results of a study show that your B2B marketing peers value and realize how critical creativity, craft and well-executed production is to the success of content marketing. 

Thank you for reading our blog.

—Maureen Joyce