A Look Back on Some Favorite 2021 Images

November 2021

Image: John Kuczala

Since nobody would allow me to bend the wires to create sad and happy human profiles on their $10M+ quantum computer, I had to turn to a manipulated photography solution. The “profile” wires and end caps were purchased at a hardware store, bent and photographed. That image was then integrated with a stock photograph of a real quantum computer and colorized to matchy-match the other wires.

Image: Jeff Mangiat

Are you watching the Peacock channel’s hit Yellowstone? (Truthfully, I abandoned it in Season 2.) Country themes are prevalent in every media form, and this graphic style illustration depicting a cowboy reining in IoT icons—all with a nod to Western-style art—was no exception. Nothing grabs attention like the contrast of unexpected elements grouped together in a composition.

Image: John Kuczala

Have you ever crafted a ransom note? FYI, to achieve the most impact, it requires careful consideration to font and scale. Next, the cutouts need to be meticulously placed on a contrasting color with a subtle pattern for that wow-factor. Don’t expect any ransom though.

Image: John Kuczala

There are laws that make it a crime to spray graffiti on public or private property that you do not own or have permission to use, but there’s no harm in imagining yourself as a tagging graffiti artist with a “we’re not going to take it anymore” attitude. Would New York street art pioneers Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring approve of this art form spraying its way into a tech magazine?

Image: John Jay Cabuay

Whether you were new to working from home during the pandemic or a seasoned pro at this sometimes-chaotic work environment, this image nails the vibe. It’s not easy to stay focused with all the goings-on, but we are collectively muddling through.

Image: Raul Allen

Who doesn’t want to fearlessly soar above a city on a giant purple bird of prey? I would definitely wear that aviator’s cap and goggles.

Image: Peter and Maria Hoey

Not only should this image resonate with healthcare security professionals tasked with protecting digital health tools and pandemic privacy, but the general public too. The easy-to-read visual and the sampling of records that are at risk are bone chilling.

As art director for InfoSecurity Professional magazine, I can tell you all these concepts and the execution of the images are a result of an award-winning team who likes to put on their creative caps and go to work.

Thanks for reading this.

—Maureen Joyce