5 Ways to Fall In Love Again with Your Job

March 2016

Springtime is the perfect time to fall in love again ... with your job.

Springtime is the perfect time to fall in love again…with your job.

We all go through spells where we fall in and out of love, including with our jobs. Spring is the perfect time to rekindle a little romance…with work. Here are some tips to get you in the mood.

1. Ask yourself: Why am I still here? Think back to when you first started at your current job. What made you eager to head to the office each day? Was it financial security? The people? The clients? The potential in each day? We all start with something to prove and our positive approach wanes as we either succeed or fail at fulfilling those goals. That’s the time to ask: What’s changed? Maybe you’ve been promoted to a position you hate. Maybe there’s been a lot of turnover and you just aren’t connecting with the new crew. Or promised resources never materialized. Maybe the company’s changed, but you haven’t. Maybe you’ve changed, but everyone else is the same. Remember: If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude. Find joy in the little things until something big comes along.

2. Find a mentor. I was fortunate to find an excellent mentor early in my career. And Maureen and I now have one for our company. The right mentor pushes you beyond your comfort zone, so find someone in or outside your organization that will instill you with confidence and lead through example to help you reach immediate and stretch goals. By the way, goal-setting is a powerful motivator in itself.

3. Clear your space. It is amazing how invigorating a deep clean can be. And our workspaces don’t take nearly as much effort as our homes. Take an hour each week clean up, file, purge and generally de-clutter (including your desktop). Then you won’t feel so overwhelmed by the piles and files staring at you all the time.

4. Pick office friends wisely. It’s important that we get along with coworkers, especially given how many hours we must be together. My advice (backed up by other professionals) is to find one or two coworkers to confide in when something bothers you, rather than vent to a broader pack of malcontents all too willing to take you under their wing (and black cloud).

5. Learn a new skill. This harkens back to our first piece of advice. If work is a constant drudge, it may be time to move on. If that isn’t possible, learn something new that can boost your profile or future job prospects. Volunteer. Take a class. Join a professional networking group. Create your own self-taught curriculum on a work-related topic and start talking about it.

A bonus tip: Work on a better version of you.
Develop a new fitness goal. Start to eat better. Get more quality sleep. Simplify your life so you reduce your debts. See a health care provider if you aren’t feeling well, physically or mentally. Slowly build up a new work wardrobe that shows you are in control and loving life.

Not only will you feel better, but you’ll reflect a more positive vibe that attracts other people. And isn’t that how we all eventually find love again.