4 Things That Have Taken Off Like A Rocket

June 2016

1. Hennessey Venom GT with a top speed of 270 mph.* (It’s a more-than-$1 million street-legal production car.)

2. NASA’s Space Launch System, or SLS—the most powerful rocket in history.**

3. Humans of New York’s Donald Trump takedown on FaceBook which was shared upward of one million times and topped two million “reactions” from people in three days.***

4. Content marketing industry.

$300B_blk_backgroundThe soaring trajectory of the content marketing industry is expected to reach more than $313 billion in spending by 2019.**** Fueling this rapid growth is the demand for marketers to attract and nurture audiences by creating unique and useful content. Companies need to inform current and potential customers about their products and services through various configurations of a story, such as case studies, articles, infographics, blogs, ebooks, videos and more.

Storytelling, or content marketing, is a selling tool that builds strong relationships with clients, members and customers and transforms them into loyal advocates of a brand. Wrap a complex idea in a story and add a dash of personal experience, and you have a relatable human perspective. A story can be used to capture an audience’s imagination, highlight a company’s thought leadership and be a testimonial to its success.

Audiences demand unique, honest and useful content—content journalists are poised to deliver because they are seasoned interviewers trained to ask the right questions and enough of them to accurately reflect a brand’s goods and services in an authentic way.

In addition, our visual world demands relevant and attention-grabbing images that reflect a brand’s story and message. Design, photography, illustration and infographics can wed copy in perfect harmony, making content more interesting to read and share. Designers that collaborate with wordsmiths create a powerful union between imagery and words.

Unleashing strong ideas and creating authentic content using effective imagery and words is our specialty. Twirling Tiger Media, a creative agency with its roots in journalism, is a group of expert storytellers and designers who can connect business issues to a company’s solutions through effective, honest content.

I’d love to tell you a story about how I drove my Venom GT to catch a ride on a NASA rocket just before Brandon Stanton snapped my photo, but instead I’ll stick to creating honest content!

****PQ Media’s Global Content Marketing Forecast 2015—2019 (http://www.pqmedia.com/gcmf-2015-2019.html).